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Is This The Civility You Want, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest?

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Bladen County GOP Shares Misogynistic Meme about Sen. Kamala Harris 

If North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest is serious about running on civility in the gubernatorial race, it looks like he’s going to have to battle his own party’s incivility first.
Lt. Gov. Dan Forest launched his gubernatorial campaign exploratory calling for more civility. In Forest’s exploratory committee launch video he said, “When incivility replaces common decency, it’s time to change.”
Last night, the Bladen County GOP’s Facebook page posted a right-wing, misogynistic meme saying that Democratic presidential candidate and United States Senator Kamala Harris “slept her way to the top.”
If Forest actually cares about civility, he must call on the Bladen County GOP Chair to resign.
“Sharing misogynistic and demeaning content about an accomplished United States Senator running for president meets no one’s definition of civil,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner.  “Dan Forest must prove he actually means what he says and call for the Bladen County GOP Chair to resign.”