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Is the RGA Really Going to Spend $2.3 Million on ~Jeff Johnson~?

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Earlier this year, way back when the Republican Governors Association thought that failed governor and D.C. lobbyist Tim Pawlenty was going to win the Minnesota GOP nomination, they reserved nearly $2.3 million in advertising for the general election.
But after far-right conspiracy theorist Jeff Johnson knocked off their preferred candidate, rumors started circulating that the RGA may throw in the towel and give up on Minnesota, one of their few potential pick up opportunities this cycle.
This week, the buzz went well beyond rumor. Jeff Johnson himself confirmed the tensions between his campaign and the RGA in an interview yesterday with WCCO Radio , “Frankly, if there are D.C. Republican strategists that don’t have faith in the campaign it doesn’t bother me all that much because these are the same guys that said I’d lose the primary by 20 points.
“Surely the RGA knows that Jeff Johnson peddling conspiracy theories and promising to rip healthcare away isn’t a winning strategy in Minnesota,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “It remains to be seen whether the RGA will set $2.3 million on fire in Minnesota by backing this fringe, far-right candidate that is so wildly out of the mainstream. Good luck explaining that decision November 7th.”