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Is Kelly Schulz Running for Governor? Marylanders Search for Signs of Life From MIA Campaign

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Schulz Hiding from Taking Positions on Key Issues

It’s been over two months since she announced her campaign for governor, but Marylanders have barely seen or heard anything Republican Kelly Schulz and her MIA campaign. Whether it’s a lack of events, interviews or even social media posts, Schulz is staying completely silent and hiding from addressing key issues.

While using her unelected, taxpayer-funded office to promote herself, Schulz refuses to take positions on key issues like the American Rescue Plan, reproductive rights and sham election audits.

Schulz hasn’t said whether she opposes the American Rescue Plan like current GOP Gov. Hogan. She’s also refused to say if she would sign state-level protections for reproductive rights into law if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

Schulz has also dodged questions about Donald Trump, which will hurt her chances in a primary defined by loyalty to the former president. Schulz even refuses to stand up to Trump’s absurd efforts to conduct sham election audits around the country. It’s been more than a month since a Baltimore Sun columnist wrote, “it’s hard to read her feelings about Trump” — and Schulz has done nothing since then to change that.”

“Kelly Schulz has been in the race for over two months, and Marylanders are searching for signs of life from her MIA campaign,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Schulz wants to be the next governor of Maryland, but how can voters possibly know where she stands when she refuses to hold events, do interviews and take positions on major issues like the American Rescue Plan, protecting reproductive rights and standing up to Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda. Schulz has much to answer about where she stands, and her ongoing silence just raises even more questions about what she’s hiding.”