Introducing 2016’s GOP GHOUL-bernatorial Candidates

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Introducing 2016’s GOP GHOUL-bernatorial Candidates

 DGA gives Republican candidates Halloween costumes 

Feeling a little frightened?

Maybe it’s because you’ve caught wind of the out-of-step priorities Republican gubernatorial candidates are pushing across the country. Or, perhaps it’s because you got a glimpse of these startling candidates dressed up in their Halloween costumes.

In the spirit of Halloween, the Democratic Governors Association has given costumes to Republicans running for governor in 2016. But be warned – these candidates can get a little frightening.

“Halloween is a spooky time of year,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “But even more frightening is the out-of-step agendas being pushed by Republicans gubernatorial candidates in 2016. From New England to the Pacific Northwest, Republicans across the country are offering a startling vision for middle class families. They can try to mask their dangerous priorities, but these GOP GHOUL-bernatorail candidates can’t hide from voters on Halloween.”

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