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Inslee Statement on Wisconsin Special Election

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Walker: Special election loss “is a wake up call for Republicans in Wisconsin.”

Republicans are getting very worried about their electoral prospects after last night’s special election in Wisconsin. The Democrat won by 9 in a state Senate district that Trump carried by 17 points in 2016. DGA Chair and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee released the following statement on the Democratic momentum building across the country:

“Last night’s upset victory in Governor Scott Walker’s backyard is more evidence that Democrats are going on offense in 2018,” said Inslee. “Democratic voters are fired up and making their voices heard in record numbers. That should terrify every single Republican on the ballot this year. Voters are tired of the chaos in Washington, D.C., and the wrong priorities of Republican-led states. The DGA is poised to challenge Republicans across the map this November and pick up seats in blue, purple, and red states alike.”

No one knows this better than Scott Walker himself, who as RGA Chair last year, oversaw blowout losses in Virginia and New Jersey. Walker took to twitter last night to sound the alarm. 

It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

A poll in late October found him trailing a generic Democrat 48-43 and had his approval rating 6 points underwater. Pair that with the anchor of Trump, whose disapproval rating in Wisconsin sits at 52% – up from 47% in a poll taken in March, and Walker’s panic makes even more sense.