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Inslee Statement on Potential Government Shutdown

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Today, DGA Chair and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee released the following statement on a potential government shutdown:  

“President Trump and Republicans in Washington, D.C. are causing a needless crisis that will harm the people of Washington state and every other state in the union,” said Inslee. “The GOP controls every branch of the federal government, but is incapable or unwilling to strike a deal to even keep the lights on.”

“Trump told us last summer that the country needed a ‘good shutdown.’ But let’s be clear — a shutdown isn’t good for our economy, middle-class families, small businesses or taxpayers. The President needs to stop tweeting and start engaging in serious bipartisan budget negotiations. He has shown a catastrophic lack of leadership, and seems intent on inflicting damage on the American people for political purposes.”

“Governors are in the business of solving problems and working across the aisle to enact balanced budgets. It’s patently unacceptable that we cannot count on Congress to do the same. States across America would be negatively impacted by a federal government shutdown, and by congressional Republicans’ continued unwillingness to protect Dreamers and permanently fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program in a bipartisan manner. President Trump and Republicans in Congress must work with Democrats to keep the federal government open.”