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Insider GOP Efforts to Crown Craig Backfire, Primary Gets Messier as Michael Brown Enters the Race

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There’s a new sheriff in town, and James Craig is in trouble as the Michigan GOP primary just keeps getting messier. This morning, former police captain Michael Brown announced he is jumping into the race for the GOP nomination for governor.

Last month, Craig faced a complaint for shadily hiring insiders for his campaign without filing the legal paperwork, then announced a sham “exploratory committee,” which is a distinction that does not exist under Michigan law. Craig’s insider ties include Michigan GOP Chair Ron Weiser, who recruited him, and former governor John Engler, who started a PAC to support him.

Brown’s entrance into the race could foil Craig’s plans to enter the crowded primary without having to answer tough questions. Craig has refused to condemn Donald Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ and refused to support the widely popular American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

While Craig flounders, opponents Garrett Soldano and Tudor Dixon are gearing up for a nasty GOP primary. Soldano recently hosted an event with one hundred guests, and Dixon has hired Trump allies to win over the state’s loyal pro-Trump base.

“The Michigan GOP primary gets more crowded and divisive every day, and Michael Brown’s entrance is sure to shake things up even further,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “James Craig is teaming up with political insiders while dodging the questions Michigan voters deserve answers to — but as the race gets messy, he won’t be able to hide much longer.”