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Infighting Escalates in Messy New Mexico Republican Primary

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New reporting from the Santa Fe New Mexican is exposing infighting in the GOP gubernatorial primary that’s heating up just in time for the GOP State Convention this weekend.

First, Republican candidate Jay Block was caught lying on the record after a lawsuit was filed against him alleging he failed to get enough ballot signatures. Block stated he was unaware of the complaint — even though he had already sent out a fundraising email requesting “help staying on the ballot.” When called out, Block backtracked and acknowledged the complaint, calling it “a dirty political trick.”

When asked, fellow candidate Rebecca Dow denied she had any involvement in the lawsuit and accused Block of “putting rumors out there” that she was the one behind it.

This he-said-she-said bickering between the GOP candidates is picking up just in time for the New Mexico Republican State Convention this weekend, where the infighting between the GOP candidates for governor is sure to be on full display.

“As they fight each other over irrelevant, petty issues, the only thing the candidates in the Republican primary are proving is that they’re not cut out to be governor,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Meanwhile, Gov. Lujan Grisham continues to bring Republicans and Democrats together to get things done on the issues that matter most to New Mexicans. The contrast between her steady leadership and the GOP’s chaos couldn’t be clearer.”