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Incumbent Governor Mike Parson Gets Outraised Nearly 2:1 By Democratic Challenger Nicole Galloway

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First quarter fundraising totals have been announced in the Missouri gubernatorial race – and it’s not looking good for incumbent Gov. Mike Parson, who was outraised nearly 2:1 by his Democratic opponent Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway. Galloway’s campaign raised $640,000, compared to Parson’s $332,000.
Disaster is snowballing for the Parson campaign. Over the past 30 days:

The snowball appears to be careening down the hill at rapid speed, with Parson lagging behind a strong Democratic competitor who raised nearly double what he did this quarter. Parson’s campaign and Uniting Missouri PAC are spending big to prop him up, but it might be too late. Galloway’s rising popularity, big fundraising numbers, and leadership during the coronavirus crisis will be tough to compete with in November.
“Mike Parson’s abysmal fundraising this quarter is a reflection of his terrible handling of the coronavirus pandemic,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “Parson has failed to lead during this crisis, as evidenced by his late stay-at-home order and the countless public health officials who begged him to take more decisive action earlier. While Parson continues to hide from the press and dodge community leaders, State Auditor Nicole Galloway has been ensuring that billions in taxpayer money is spent responsibly. Parson has been following Galloway’s lead throughout the entire pandemic – so it just makes sense that she’d out-fundraise him.”