In Wake of Abortion Ban in Arizona, Katie Hobbs Speaks out While Kari Lake Dodges

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Katie Hobbs reaffirmed her commitment to protecting reproductive rights after a court decision reinstated a Civil War-era law in Arizona banning abortion in nearly all circumstances and criminalizing medical providers who provide abortions.

In a press conference, Hobbs vowed to overturn the law, saying, “on day one, I will call a special session of the state Legislature to overturn this draconian law.”

The draconian abortion ban is making it even more clear that when it comes to women’s reproductive rights, Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake couldn’t be further apart: While Katie Hobbs promised to do “everything in [her] restore abortion rights,” Kari Lake has offered nothing but crickets.

Lake is refusing to comment on the ruling, but she’s already told Arizonans she supports taking their rights away. She’s been clear that she supports the abortion ban and will enforce it if elected governor, calling it a “great law.” Her campaign has also called women who get abortions “executioners” 

DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy said, “Women’s reproductive freedoms were on the ballot in the Arizona governor’s race even before this court ruling. Now, the stakes are even higher and the choice couldn’t be clearer: Kari Lake would leave Arizona women’s rights on the chopping block and Katie Hobbs is the only candidate who will work to restore the right for women to make their own reproductive health care decisions.”