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In Tonight’s Debate, Oklahoma Republicans Double Down On Fallin’s Failures

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Tonight, Republicans in Oklahoma running to replace failed Gov. Mary Fallin doubled down on her far-right agenda that has hurt the state for so many years. On issue after issue, from education, to infrastructure, to economic development, the candidates pledge to continue the same policies that have led Oklahoma to the crisis it finds itself in today.
“The last thing Oklahoma needs is four more years of Mary Fallin’s failed agenda,”said DGA Deputy Press Secretary Alex Japko. “Oklahoma voters desperately want to move on from the disastrous Fallin era, but the Republicans candidates promised more of the same tonight. Oklahomans deserve a governor who can bring real change to the state, not double down on the same policies that created this mess.”
The Fallin record speaks for itself:

Despite this record of failure, Republicans in Oklahoma want to continue down the same path.