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In the States, Dems On Offense Over CSR Payments

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State Parties Call On GOP Govs and Candidates to Take a Position 

Not only is Donald Trump’s decision to end federal CSR payments damaging to health insurance markets and their customers, it also puts Republicans around the country in the awkward position of defending the indefensible. Seizing on this opportunity, Democrats around the country have called on GOP governors and gubernatorial candidates to speak out against the irresponsible decision to sabotage health care for millions.

Below are excerpts from releases and statements from candidates and state parties around the country:

Dr. Ralph Northam: Dr. Ralph Northam On Trump’s Healthcare Executive Order

“I am calling on Ed Gillespie to join me in fighting for the healthcare of hundreds of thousands of Virginians who are once again facing the threat of losing their coverage for the scoring of political points. Virginians deserve a leader who will fight policies detrimental to this commonwealth. I urge him to join me in pushing President Trump to empathize for the Virginians and Americans who are jeopardized by this action, before it is too late.”

Maryland Democratic Party: President Trump Is Sabotaging Healthcare, Where is Larry Hogan?

“This decision will raise the insurance premiums of tens of thousands of Marylanders. Marylanders are better off today because of the Affordable Care Act and they will remember that Governor Hogan did nothing while President Trump and the Republican Party were sabotaging the health care market and raising their insurance premiums.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Party: Mango and Wagner Back Trump Moves to Destroy Pennsylvanians’ Health Care

“So-called health care expert Paul Mango and right wing Scott Wagner are supporting huge premium hikes, the gutting of protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and kicking seniors out of their nursing homes. Paul Mango and Scott Wagner are backing a 20% statewide rate increase that would be a monumental blow to hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians. Mango and Wagner are proving to be the very worst types of politicians.”

Iowa Democratic Party: Where Does Governor Reynolds Stand on Trump Plan to Increase Insurance Premiums?

“Unfortunately, so far, Kim Reynolds has only given us the runaround, while the President she supports has sabotaged health care markets and driven up our bills. Iowans deserve to know whose side Kim Reynolds is on. Will she stay in lockstep with a President hell bent on political revenge or will she stand up for the people of Iowa for a change?”

Ohio Democratic Party: Where Are Ohio Republican Candidates On Trump’s Health Care Sabotage?

“Mike DeWine, Jon Husted, Jim Renacci and Mary Taylor are partners in crime with Donald Trump when it comes to threatening health care coverage for Ohio families. Trump’s actions on health care will cause premiums in Ohio to skyrocket. Insurers have already started requesting premium rate increases up to 48 percent for next year because of the chaos Trump is causing, and they were saying they’d probably leave the marketplace if Trump finally did what he has now done… It’s time for DeWine, Husted, Renacci and Taylor to show some backbone and speak up to protect health care for hard-working Ohioans.”

Maine Democratic Party: MDP Chair Phil Bartlett Calls on Republican Gubernatorial Candidates To Tell Maine People If They Support Trump’s Latest Move to Make Make Healthcare More Expensive, Less Accessible

“If they want to lead this state, Mary Mayhew, Ken Fredette, and Garrett Mason should stand up and tell the people of Maine what they think. Do they agree with the President’s decision to further sabotage the ACA? Do they believe that dismantling President Obama’s legacy is worth the pain and suffering it will cause Maine families? Democrats don’t. We call on Mayhew, Fredette, and Mason to join their senior senator, Susan Collins, in opposing this shortsighted and dangerous decision.”

DGA Illinois: Rauner Shields Trump as Premiums Set to Rise 20% With 350,000 Illinoisans in the Marketplace

“For months, Rauner sat idly by as Trump worked to strip needed health protections and destroy the state budget. Now Trump’s reckless actions will hit voters in their pocketbook and Bruce Rauner’s silence is only making things worse for families. It’s time for Bruce Rauner to stop shielding President Trump and start standing up for Illinois.”

Colorado Democratic Party: CDP Statement on Trump’s Health Care Cuts

“Health care is being sabotaged by Trump and the GOP. After failing to repeal healthcare in Congress, Trump is now singlehandedly raising premiums and throwing people off of their health care by executive order. Trump’s refusal to pay subsidies that help middle-class and working families afford insurance will spike premiums by at least 20% next year, leave one million Americans uninsured, and explode the federal deficit by $194 billion.”