In State of the State Address, Gov. Laura Kelly Outlines Bipartisan Agenda for Kansas: Tax Relief, Better Public Schools, and Health Care

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In her first state of the union of her second term in office, Gov. Laura Kelly called for putting politics aside to achieve bipartisan solutions for Kansans — just like she’s done throughout her first term in office.

The governor outlined her “Axing Your Taxes” plan to give $500 million tax relief to Kansans over the next three years by enacting the elimination of the food tax immediately, as well as the tax on food, diapers, and menstrual products; and implementing a four-day sales tax holiday for back-to-school shopping.

Gov. Kelly called for continuing to fully fund K-12 public schools, increasing funding for special education, and finally expanding Medicaid to more than 100,000 lower-income Kansans.

See more below on Gov. Kelly’s call to keep meeting in the middle on the road to get things done for Kansas:

WIBW: Governor repeats call for middle ground in State of the State address – 

“Kelly’s speech doubled-down on themes from her inaugural address and proposed budget, including fully ending the state sales tax on food, diapers and feminine hygiene products; implementing a four-day sales tax holiday for back to school shopping; raising the threshold for seniors paying income tax on social security benefits; expanding Medicaid.”

Kansas Reflector: ​​Gov. Laura Kelly argues Kansans deserve bipartisan progress on tax, health care, K-12 policy

“Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly encouraged the Republican-dominated Legislature to embrace Tuesday a bipartisan approach to vexing political issues of taxation, health care and education while delivering to Kansans a sustainable state government budget.”

Associated Press: ​​Governor decries ‘distracting’ Kansas with ‘wedge issues’

“We all agree our kids do better when parents and teachers are involved in their education,” Kelly said in her 40-minute speech. “So, rather than distracting ourselves with wedge issues, let’s focus on giving them both the resources and the support that they need.”

Wichita Eagle: KS Gov. Kelly warns against politics in classrooms, renews calls for medical marijuana

“Kelly has called for immediately eliminating the state sales tax on food, creating a back-to-school sales tax holiday and providing a tax break for some retirees. Kelly also wants Kansas to fully fund special education after the state has gone more than a decade without meeting mandatory funding levels.”

KSNF: Tax relief, marijuana, Medicaid expansion: KS governor pushes agenda for 2023

“Kansas Governor Laura Kelly outlined her top priorities for 2023 in the annual State of the State address on Tuesday. One of the top items on the governor’s list is tax relief. She pushed her “Axing Your Taxes” plan, which would account for $500 million in tax cuts over the next three years.”