In State of the State Address, Gov. Janet Mills Outlines “Sweeping, Once-in-a-Lifetime Investments” that Deliver on Kitchen Table Issues

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In her State of the State Address, Gov. Janet Mills addressed the biggest challenges facing the state and outlined a comprehensive agenda to take them on. Gov. Mills announced  what reporting is calling “major policy initiatives to help working families” and “​​sweeping, once-in-a-lifetime investments in education, child care and health care.”

Among the proposals, Gov. Mills announced a bipartisan proposal to send checks of roughly $500 straight to more than 800,000 people. Funding for the direct payments comes from the $822 million budget surplus. The governor also announced plans to improve access to affordable, quality education at all levels — from pre-k to college. Her bold proposals include funding for two free years of community college, universal free school meals, and making anyone who lives and works in Maine eligible for $25,000 in student loan debt relief. Gov. Mills also announced a proposal of $12 million to increase the pay of childcare workers

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