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In Ohio, DGA Launches New Video “All Excuses, No Solutions”

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 While 14 Ohioans Die Every Day From Overdoses, DeWine Makes Excuses

Today, the DGA launched a new video titled “All Excuses, No Solutions” to highlight Mike DeWine’s failure in combatting the opioid crisis.
DeWine spent the last seven years as attorney general dragging his feet and making excuses as the families all across Ohio were torn apart by the epidemic. 14 Ohioans die from overdoses every single day. Overdoses have tripled with DeWine as Ohio’s top cop on opioids.
His response to Ohioans affected by the crisis? “There’s a lot of things I frankly can’t do as the attorney general.”

Watch the video HERE:

“As Ohio’s top law enforcement official, Mike DeWine is supposed to protect Ohioans, not make excuses,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “Ohio’s opioid crisis spiraled out of control on DeWine’s watch, and now he’s trying to duck responsibility. Now that he’s running for governor, Ohio voters will hold him accountable for his years of inaction and excuses.”
DeWine’s past inaction on the opioid crisis isn’t the only reason Ohioans should be worried about his ability to solve it. In his run for governor, he has vowed to end the state’s Medicaid expansion, which would threaten access to treatment for hundreds of thousands of Ohio residents.