In Illinois, Even Republicans Know Darren Bailey Can’t Win

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Today might have been Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair, but when it comes to the party’s new leader — GOP nominee for governor Darren Bailey — party unity is nowhere to be found.

When asked this morning whether he supports Bailey, all Illinois House GOP Leader Jim Durkin could muster was: “I support the ticket.” That’s definitely not what Bailey was hoping for from one of the top Republicans in the state.

Dan Brady, current state representative and GOP candidate for secretary of state, also dodged hard. When asked if he planned to vote for Bailey in November, Brady refused to answer, instead saying: “I’m voting for Dan Brady for Secretary of State.”

One by one, top Republicans across the state are refusing to throw their weight behind Darren Bailey. Why? Because even Republicans know he can’t win.

That’s nothing new. Earlier this month, top Republicans condemned Bailey following his comments comparing abortion to the Holocaust.

Illinois House GOP Leader Durkin was the first to speak out, saying: “The Holocaust was one of the worst atrocities in the history of humankind and any comments that minimize it have no place in our political discourse.”

GOP State Representative Steve Reick slammed Bailey next, saying: “Darren Bailey has crossed a line, a line which you just do not cross…These comments are coming from someone who’s supposed to be the voice of our party, who’s supposed to be speaking for all of us. And whether he said it 5 years ago or the day before yesterday is no excuse. He’s using the greatest criminal act in human history to score political points. I’ll not be party to that and will not follow anyone down a path strewn with that type of rhetoric.”

US Representative Adam Kinzinger chimed in on Twitter, saying: “The reaction to Roe from my party shows no compassion, but revels in cruelty and extremism.  Darren Bailey should explain.”

Not quite the shining endorsement Bailey’s campaign was hoping for from his fellow Republicans — and as the general election nears, Darren Bailey’s going to need as much party support as he can get.

“With his ultra-MAGA, extremist rhetoric and wildly offensive, out-of-touch views, Darren Bailey has managed to alienate even his fellow Republicans,” said DGA Illinois Press Secretary Yael Sheinfeld. “As the newly-minted GOP leader, Darren Bailey is utterly failing at his task to unify the party. If his own peers won’t support him, why should voters?”