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IN-Gov Update: Gregg Grows Lead; Holcomb Still Stalled

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IN-Gov Update: Gregg Grows Lead; Holcomb Still Stalled

WISH-TV: Gregg ‘In a position to win’

Watch WISH-TV coverage here and below:


In the latest polling of Indiana’s gubernatorial race, Democratic candidate John Gregg has grown his lead to a 5-point margin over GOP challenger Eric Holcomb.

With less than 20 days before November’s election, a new WISH-TV/Ball State Hoosier Survey shows Gregg leading Holcomb 48%-43%.

“With three weeks remaining in this year’s race, he [Gregg] is in a position to win,” said WISH-TV Political Reporter Jim Shella.

Meanwhile, Holcomb’s campaign has been saddled by Mike Pence’s baggage, and Holcomb has done little to break away from Pence’s failed legacy. Holcomb – like Pence – opposes a business-backed effort to expand civil rights protections to LGBT Hoosiers, something the new poll shows Indiana voters supporting by 59%. 

“When questions are raised about things like LGBT rights, he can’t break away from Pence on issues like those,” said Ray Scheele, Director Emeritus of the Bowen Center on Public Affairs at Ball State University.