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In “Extraordinary Decision Not To Back The Governor From Her Own Party” Indiana Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction Backs Woody Myers

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“Indiana’s students deserve leadership that invests in their future.”

Due to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s failure to properly invest in Indiana’s education system and address the needs of students and educators, Indiana’s Republican Superintendent of Public Education Dr. Jennifer McCormick is  throwing her support behind Democratic nominee Dr. Woody Myers for governor.

Holcomb has failed the Indiana public school system. Under Holcomb’s leadership, Indiana is facing a massive teacher shortage brought on by a drop in teacher pay. Holcomb has failed to act, only creating a do-nothing panel without even a single teacher. Holcomb also supported a plan for stringent graduation requirements which experts said could be expensive to implement and result in decreased graduation rates.

Dr. McCormick said the Myers-Lawson ticket will actually invest in Indiana’s students and provide the support and resources needed to meet teachers’ “complex responsibilities.”

“Eric Holcomb’s education policy doesn’t make the grade – he’s failed the public school system and now Indiana’s students are suffering the consequences,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “Republican state leader Dr. McCormick endorsed Woody Myers because of his plan to invest in public education and address educators’ and students’ needs during this crisis. Educating our kids well isn’t a partisan issue, which is why bipartisan leaders are coming together to support Woody Myers’ candidacy.”