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In Debate, GOP Primary Candidates Focus On “Proclaiming Loyalty to Former President Donald Trump”

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Even without No Show Joe — Nevada’s most recent GOP gubernatorial debate was overcrowded as the candidates scrambled to spread election fraud conspiracies and kiss up to Donald Trump and his base.

The Reno Gazette-Journal reported, “In an effort to distinguish themselves from obligatory party-line views, the candidates often flexed their conservative muscles, with some repeatedly proclaiming loyalty to former President Donald Trump.”

The Nevada GOP candidates know that Trump’s support could mean everything for their winning chances, so instead of addressing the issues facing Nevada families, it was clear the candidates were willing to do anything to get Trump’s attention.

Joey Gilbert called himself “the original Trump from the jump candidate.” Michele Fiore said, “The person that I want to take most after as your next governor of this state is the rightful president of the United States, which is Donald J. Trump.” She then leaned further into the Big Lie, saying, “Make no mistake: There was voter fraud, and he won Nevada.”

Once again, Sheriff Joe Lombardo was the crowded field’s biggest punching bag — mocked for missing a third debate and slammed for his political flip-flopping and failure to address crime. Dean Heller jeered, “Nevada is in crisis, and the first thing that you do when you’re in crisis is you show up, right, sheriff?”

“The Nevada GOP gubernatorial candidates are so invested in earning Donald Trump’s support, they’re happily spreading lies and conspiracies to do so,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “But Joe Lombardo’s no-show strategy is leaving him out in the cold. While he fails to show up, the rest of the field is wasting no time defining him as a candidate unfit for support of the far-right base.”