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In a Massive Win for Kansas Families, Gov. Laura Kelly Secures Plan to Axe the Food Tax

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Gov. Laura Kelly just delivered a massive win for Kansans in every corner of the state that will put money back into their pockets. Last night, in a bipartisan vote, Kansas legislators passed Gov. Kelly’s plan to axe the tax on groceries.

Kansas currently has the nation’s second-highest state sales tax on groceries. By axing the food tax, Gov. Kelly will eventually save Kansas families money an average of $500 a year, while fulfilling a signature campaign promise.

In contrast, Derek Schmidt refused to support Gov. Kelly’s plan to axe the food tax — even taking “no position” in written testimony.

“Gov. Kelly fixed the budget, fully funded schools, and has now axed the food tax – all by working across the aisle,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Since taking office, Gov. Kelly has fought tooth and nail for Kansans, delivering for them on the issues that matter most. The exact opposite is true for Derek Schmidt, who would bring Kansas back to the days of Brownback and fiscal disasters.”.”

Here’s the latest news Kansans are reading on Gov. Kelly landing a deal to axe the food tax:

  • Topeka Capital-Journal: “Gov. Laura Kelly will sign a food sales tax plan that gradually reduces the second-highest state tax rate on groceries…Kelly had made axing the food tax her top policy priority of the legislative session…”
  • Kansas City Star: “Kelly and others who supported ending the tax have said it could save some families up to $500 a year. Kelly…had pushed hard to eliminate the tax immediately, saying Kansas could afford it amid revenue collections that have surged to historic levels.”
  • Kansas Reflector: “​​Kelly has called for axing the tax in one form or another since her run in 2018. Given the state’s record budget surplus, overseen by Kelly and her careful financial management, the state can now afford a full repeal.”
  • Associated Press: “Eliminating the 6.5% tax is Kelly’s most visible legislative initiative this year…”