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Illinois GOP Primary is About to Get Messy(er)

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The Illinois GOP primary for governor just got a whole lot messier. Billionaire Ken Griffin promised in a recent interview to go “all in” to fund a GOP primary candidate in the race — but he didn’t specify which (if any) of the current candidates in the field he’d like to bankroll.

The announcement from Griffin is sure to send the field of far-right, backward GOP candidates into a frenzy, as they compete with each other for the billionaire’s bucks.

This isn’t the first time Griffin has financed a Republican running for governor. Griffin financed former Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner with a record $20 million donation as Rauner destroyed the state budget, cut spending for public programs, and drove Illinois’ economy into a ditch.

Meanwhile, as the state emerges from the pandemic, Gov. Pritzker is putting Illinois back on firm fiscal footing, leading to credit rating upgrades and an improving business environment.

“The crowded GOP primary is only going to get more chaotic with Ken Griffin’s announcement. As they compete for Trump’s far-right base, they now also have to compete for the love of the man who bankrolled the worst governor in America,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Meanwhile, during his time as governor, Gov. Pritzker has increased the minimum wage, made college more affordable, and increased access to health care. His solid record of results is far more impactful to voters than any attempt by Republicans to buy the gubernatorial election, but we look forward to watching the GOP candidates fight over a billionaire’s backing.”