“Illinois Economy Lags Behind Nation” Under Rauner’s Failed Leadership

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University of Illinois Flash Economic Index Finds State Economy at Lowest Point in 5 Years

 Another day, another report that Illinois’ economy is slowing down under Governor Bruce Rauner. The University of Illinois released its monthly Flash Economic Index, a measurement of the state’s economic growth, which is at “its lowest point since an identical reading in November 2012.” The University of Illinois also confirmed that while the state economy was growing, it was growing slower than the national average.

Here’s WILL/NPR Illinois’ headline on the report:

Just weeks ago, Bruce Rauner’s administration announced that 10,800 jobs were lost in September, the state’s worst jobs report since the summer of 2009. Over the year, Illinois had a miniscule 0.06% job growth rate compared to the national average of 1.23%, good for third worst in the nation.

Bruce Rauner simply isn’t working for Illinois.

“Report after report confirms that Illinois’ economy is doing worse under Bruce Rauner’s failed leadership,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “The facts are obvious – Rauner forced the state through a two-year budget crisis that’s done lasting damage to higher education, services, and state finances. State debt is up while jobs and people keep leaving the state. Bruce Rauner promised a turnaround, instead Illinois is just falling further behind.