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Illinois’ Economic Future Crumbling Under Rauner

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Republican Peoria Mayor: For Job Growth, Rauner Should Focus On A Budget

Today, Governor Rauner continues his reelection campaign with a stop at an Amazon facility in Will County. Rauner, who chastised Democrats for trying to create “phony headlines,” will look to do the same regarding Illinois’ economic situation.
The headlines cloud the reality in a state that lost over 7,000 jobs in each of the past two months, and had the 9th slowest job growth in the nation over the past year. In fact, Governor Rauner’s failed leadership is actively hampering the state’s economic future. Due to Bruce Rauner:

  • The state’s higher education system cut 1,500 jobs, and students found it harder to go to school and achieve a degree;
  • The state’s overdue bill backlog has TRIPLED while Rauner holds up the budget to over $14.5 billion, which will only result in high interest payments; and
  • The state’s credit rating has fallen eight times, leaving the state on the precipice of junk bond status.

As the Republican Mayor of Peoria said yesterday, if Governor Rauner focused on delivering a budget the state might actually grow some jobs.
“The governor says he’s willing to do a four-year freeze and allow people to control their property tax levy by voter referendum. But people like Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis say a property tax freeze doesn’t address the biggest issue.
“‘It polls really well. But the problem with it is, it doesn’t add a dime of revenue to the state revenue stream,’ Ardis said. ‘It’s not going to anything to help them do anything to balance their budget, that is the worst one in the country.’
“Ardis says the state might see new business growth if it could put as much emphasis on resolving the budget crisis as it is on property tax relief.”
Well said.
“While Governor Rauner tries to cobble together a reelection campaign built on blaming others, the state’s economic future crumbles beneath him,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner has failed to put the state on solid economic footing. Instead he is harming Illinois’ future by weakening the state’s university system and loading the state up with unsustainable debt. Illinois families deserve someone who will put the state’s well-being first.”