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ICYMI: Wisconsin Republicans Panic About Scott Walker’s Reelection Odds

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“They don’t realize how jammed up they are”

The New Yorker’s latest story on the rise and fall of the Tea Party in Wisconsin reveals just how nervous Republicans there are about Governor Scott Walker’s reelection chances. Key quotes below:

  • “The energy on the Democratic side, especially among women, that’s real…There are Republicans who think that Walker will save them, that they can play the same tune again, but they don’t realize how jammed up they are.” – senior adviser to a statewide Republican campaign
  • “The Tea Party energy is more or less gone… These political movements usually come and go in decade-long cycles,” – a longtime conservative insider in Madison
  • “The Walker administration ‘created a malaise that hangs in the state to this day.’” –  Dale Schultz, a Republican who was formerly a leader in the state senate

These comments mirror Walker’s own panic. Earlier this year, Walker called a Democratic victory in Wisconsin’s Republican-leaning Senate district “a wake-up call,” and emailed his donors “we could lose.” He also tweeted last month about a separate election defeat of his, “Tonight’s results show we are at risk of a #BlueWave in WI.”
Read the whole piece here: