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ICYMI: White House Touts Louisiana’s “Booming” Economy Under Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Leadership

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While President Trump and Eddie Rispone attack Gov. Edwards on the economy, the White House was certainly not on the same page. The Advocate noted, “It was as if Edwards had temporarily hacked into the White House’s Twitter feed.”
Last week, the President visited Mississippi and touted the state’s economy, which is underperforming Louisiana’s economy by a wide margin.
The White House’s tweets touting Louisiana’s economy seemed to give away the game here —the negative rhetoric about Louisiana’s economy is about partisanship, not about the facts.
Read more from The Advocate and WWL Radio about the two stories the White House is telling about Louisiana:
The Advocate: The White House trumpets Louisiana’s ‘booming’ economy; Trump says it’s in the dumps
For months, gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone and other Republicans have been bad-mouthing the performance of Louisiana’s economy under Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat.
Apparently, the White House didn’t get the memo.
The White House sent out two tweets on Wednesday offering a rosy take on Louisiana’s economy in hyping the upcoming appearance by President Donald Trump at the Monroe Civic Center.
“Over 21,000 jobs added since President Trump took office,” the White House tweeted at 6:18 p.m.
“Unemployment rate down from 6% to 4.3%. Wages up for blue collar workers. Louisiana energy industry is booming.”
It was as if Edwards had temporarily hacked into the White House’s Twitter feed.
Only he hadn’t.
At 4:02 p.m., the White House had tweeted out excitedly that Trump was “wheels up for Louisiana!”
That tweet also described Louisiana’s economy as if it had stolen a page from Edwards’ talking points.
“’The Pelican State’ is booming — boasting its lowest unemployment rate since 2008, bringing back 5,000+ manufacturing jobs, and becoming one of our Nation’s leading states in natural gas exports!”
WWL Radio: Trump administration has mixed messages on Louisiana economy
Trump trashed Edwards’ economic performance Wednesday at a Monroe rally, as he works to replace the Deep South’s only Democratic governor with Republican businessman Eddie Rispone. Rispone also regularly criticizes Edwards on the economy.
But the Trump administration seemed to have a different message Wednesday on Twitter.
In tweets, the White House touted Louisiana’s economy as “booming” with its lowest unemployment rate since 2008 and a strong energy industry.
Edwards’ campaign says that’s an indicator of the governor’s strong performance in office.