ICYMI: Two polls have bad news for Gov. Doug Ducey’s re-election campaign

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Not one, but, TWO new polls from Arizona show Governor Doug Ducey’s re-election chances in a perilous position. After creating a massive education funding and teacher pay crisis, getting “duped” by Theranos into making Arizonans the company’s “lab rats,” and selling out to one special interest after another, a NBC/Marist poll found nearly two-thirds of Arizonans want to see new leadership in the governor’s mansion. A second poll from Emerson shows that Ducey with a 31% approval rating, a full ten points lower than Donald Trump’s.
With numbers like these, it’s no wonder the RGA came into plug the holes in a sinking ship by spending $330,000 on ads supporting Doug Ducey in April.
Arizonans are ready for a change and deserve much better than Doug Ducey.
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Arizona Republic: Two polls have bad news for Gov. Doug Ducey’s re-election campaign 
Gov. Doug Ducey received two bits of bad news in polls released this week: One poll showed only about a quarter of voters think Ducey deserves re-election. The other showed he is less popular in Arizona than President Donald Trump.
A poll released Tuesday by NBC News/Marist showed that 59 percent of registered voters surveyed in Arizona thought a person other than Ducey should be governor.
It found just 26 percent thought he deserved re-election.
Another poll released Monday from Emerson College, taken half by automated phone calls and half by an online survey, showed Ducey’s approval ratings relative to Trump:
Ducey approval rating: 31 percent
Trump approval rating: 43 percent
Nearly two-thirds of those polled by Emerson said that Arizona was not adequately funding education. The poll showed 64 percent said there was insufficient funding for education.