ICYMI: “Trump Guy” Chris Sununu Admits Upcoming Trump Rally Is A Danger To Public Health, Bucks Enforcement Responsibility

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At a press conference yesterday, self-described “Trump guy” Gov. Chris Sununu openly admitted that the upcoming Trump rally in New Hampshire is unsafe – but he’s still going to let it happen, without social distancing or an enforced mask requirement. Clearly Sununu’s loyalty to Trump doesn’t stop at putting Granite Staters’ health and safety at risk.

Sununu said during the conference that he tries to “avoid large crowds” and only feels comfortable greeting Trump on the tarmac. Apparently, the rally is unsafe for him, but he’s fine exposing the rest of New Hampshire to a possible superspreader event.

The Trump campaign has been getting extra-special treatment from Sununu. Sununu sidelined state health officials for last month’s planned Portsmouth rally, allowing the Trump campaign to create its own set of rules for the event. And for the upcoming Manchester rally, Sununu doesn’t plan to enforce his own 100+ person gathering mask requirement – he just said: “hopefully” people wear them.

It’s been reported that the Trump campaign is only planning to hold rallies in states with spineless Republican governors who cave easily to political pressure and don’t care about the health and safety of their constituents. Sununu fits the bill – he’s brazenly putting politics above the health and safety of those he is supposed to protect, during one of the worst public health crises in history.

“Putting politics before people is as easy as breathing for Chris Sununu,” said DGA National Press Secretary Jerusalem Demsas. “No one should get special treatment for an event that undermines people’s health and economic well-being. Whether it’s a Trump superspreader event or DeVos’ public school agenda putting families at risk, Sununu continues to prove he’s a ‘Trump guy’ through and through.”