ICYMI: Trump Endorses Darren Bailey for Illinois Governor

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Just days before Tuesday’s primary election, far-right frontrunner Darren Bailey scored a long-awaited endorsement from Donald Trump — a stamp of approval he’s been chasing for months.

At his “Save America” rally, Trump said: “Darren has my complete and total endorsement,” calling Bailey “the man to take on and defeat one of the worst governors in America.”

Bailey won over MAGA voters in recent weeks with endorsements from Trump cronies like Steve BannonSteve Cortes, and Congresswoman Mary Miller. This final show of support from the Republican kingmaker himself is the cherry on top for Bailey — and a likely nail in the coffin for the five others vying for the Republican nomination.

“With this new endorsement from Trump himself, there’s no question: Darren Bailey is the most MAGA, far-right conservative candidate in this race,” said DGA Illinois Press Secretary Yael Sheinfeld. “A would-be Governor Bailey poses a serious threat for Illinoisans everywhere. Voters know Darren Bailey is far too conservative for our state.”