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ICYMI: The Bulwark: Doug Mastriano’s Election-Takeover Plan

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“Don’t be surprised if he ends up doing exactly what he said. He’s not hiding his plan, after all. He’s campaigning on it!”

Last week, reporting from the Bulwark detailed how Doug Mastriano hasn’t tried to hide his “election takeover plan,” writing that “he’s campaigning on it” and his powers would “far exceed that of a state senator when it comes to controlling Pennsylvania’s elections” if he’s elected governor.

Mastriano, who “is perhaps the state’s most prominent promoter of former President Donald Trump’s lie that widespread fraud cost him the 2020 election,” has been called out even by Republicans for his election lies — including George W. Bush appointee and former federal Judge J. Michael Luttig, who said he’s “a clear and present danger to our democracy” — so it’s no surprise Mastriano’s got an equally dangerous Big Lie agenda, as the Bulwark notes:

Although Mastriano evades scrutiny by blockading typical media interviews, with some help from his insurrection-friendly friends, he doesn’t hesitate to talk about his plans when he feels comfortable. Put those snippets together, and it shows Mastriano has a pretty well-thought-out election takeover plan in mind.

His platform includes the following:

  • loosening restrictions on poll watchers to make it easier to challenge votes
  • repealing vote-by-mail laws
  • appointing a fellow 2020 election-denier to be secretary of state who could enable him to decertify every voting machine “with a stroke of a pen”
  • forcing all Pennsylvania voters to re-register
  • defunding the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

In case you missed it, check out this reporting from the Bulwark on Mastriano’s “Election-Takeover Plan” and his “potential powers as governor.”