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ICYMI: Sununu’s Favorability Quickly Melting in NH-Gov

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ICYMI: Sununu’s Favorability Quickly Melting in NH-Gov

Latest polling shows Sununu’s favorability underwater at -12

In case you missed it, New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu was met with some chilly favorability numbers in the race’s latest polling released on Friday.

The MassINC poll – conducted for WBUR from October 10-12 – showed that Sununu’s net favorability has quickly plummeted to -12, with a 29% favorable and 41% unfavorable rating among likely New Hampshire voters.

The shift is a marked drop from Sununu’s previous 36% favorable and 35% unfavorable rating in the same poll two weeks earlier.  

“The big shift, though, really came in Chris Sununu’s numbers, where, in the poll that we did back in late September, his favorable and unfavorable numbers were about the same—36 percent favorable, 35 percent unfavorable,” New Hampshire Public Radio reported on the new poll. “Fast-forward to the poll we just completed and now he’s got by a 12-point margin in voters who are more likely to view him unfavorably, so those numbers have really gone down.”

Democrat Colin Van Ostern pulled into a 3 point lead in the MassINC poll — a six point shift towards Van Ostern. The nosedive comes as Sununu continues to tout his support for Donald Trump and as New Hampshire voters learn more and more about Sununu’s failed business record.

Sununu – who was given the top job at his family’s ski resort – has faced constant criticism over eliminating jobs at the Waterville Valley Resort, slashing his workers’ hours to avoid providing them healthcare, and opposing a statewide minimum wage.

Chris Sununu thought his last name would be the golden ticket to the corner office in Concord,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “But the more New Hampshire voters learn about Sununu’s record, the less they like him. New Hampshire needs a governor who will focus on moving the state forward — not a Donald Trump defender who slashes employees hours to pad his own pocketbook.”