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ICYMI: Sunshine Request Reveals Missouri Gov. Mike Parson Used Taxpayer-Funded Airplane For Personal and Campaign Trips

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Missouri Gov. Mike Parson claims the state can’t afford accessible, affordable health care and teacher pay raises, and yet, he has no problem spending hundreds of thousands of dollars jetting around the country on the state’s airplane.

A Sunshine Request from St. Joseph’s News-Press Now revealed Parson spent over a quarter of a million dollars using the state’s plane, sometimes for personal or campaign trips. Most notably, Parson spent $2,610 flying from Jefferson City to his private home in Bolivar and back to Jefferson City twice in one day – St. Joseph News-Press Now found the round trip would have cost just $20.36 by car.

This news is just the latest development in a string of allegations of corruption and unethical practices against Parson and his Jefferson City insider-allies. The governor has a shady history of opting “for secrecy where transparency is required.”

While Parson’s PAC, Uniting Missouri, has continuously lied about his opponent in campaign ads, it’s Parson’s own administration that is the subject of investigations and complaints. Some examples – led by members of his own party, an investigation into Parson’s rollout of the state’s medical marijuana program; Parson’s campaign was hit with campaign finance violations the night before the primary; and, just for fun, former Gov. Eric Greitens released a documentary film implying Mike Parson coordinated a coup d’état to force Greitens out of office.

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