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ICYMI – Sun Editorial: Laxalt takes self-serving approach to Republican primary

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In case you missed it, the Las Vegas Sun Editorial Board slammed Adam Laxalt for trying to get two of his opponents removed from the only GOP gubernatorial debate before the primary. Throughout the campaign, Laxalt has tried to hide from voters, press, and anyone else who might be critical of him. From donor protection scandals to breaking with the Sandoval administration on quixotic far-right crusades, Laxalt has a wealth of vulnerabilities. It actually makes a lot of sense that he would be afraid to face tough questions from his opponents.
Read the whole editorial HERE or excerpts below.
Las Vegas Sun Editorial: Laxalt takes self-serving approach to Republican primary
…The official explanation is that Laxalt’s camp objected to the inclusion of candidates Dan Schwartz and Frederick Conquest because those two didn’t meet all of the stated criteria for the debate. Laxalt and Jared Fisher met all of the criteria, which were established by the parent company of the debate’s organizer, KLAS-TV. Amid the hubbub, KLAS canceled the debate and instead offered interviews with the four individual candidates. 
“Adam still wanted to participate in a debate with the one other candidate who did meet the criteria, but he respects the decision by KLAS to change its format,” the Laxalt campaign said in a release.
How weak-kneed.
But instead, he left Nevadans wondering what he was afraid of.
Fisher answered that question by seizing on a long-standing criticism of Laxalt — that he doesn’t think well on his feet, and therefore limits his media interviews and public appearances to conservative news organizations and audiences.
The Schwartz camp bumped it up a notch, suggesting that Laxalt was afraid of Schwartz.
Whatever the case, GOP voters were the losers. In November, they should remember that Laxalt served them poorly.
Of course, Laxalt’s status as a front-runner gives him the luxury of sitting back, being quiet and cruising through the primary.
That’s a nice, safe approach, but one that only serves him and not the voters he would represent as governor.