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ICYMI: Scott Walker’s Promises Made, Promises Broken

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Walker Broke 2010 Jobs Promise, Unlikely to Keep 2018 Education Promise

The AP reported yesterday on a new education promise from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker that’s similar to his broken job creation campaign promise from 2010.
See excerpts from the AP’s story below or read it online in its entirety HERE
Walker’s Graduation Pledge Reminiscent of Jobs Promise
Gov. Scott Walker’s newly announced goal to make Wisconsin’s graduation rate the highest in the country by 2023 is reminiscent of another campaign promise he made back in 2010. 
June 19, 2018
By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press
Gov. Scott Walker, who famously promised in 2010 to create 250,000 jobs but still hasn’t done it, has unveiled a new pledge for his latest campaign: give Wisconsin the country’s highest high school graduation rate.
Walker set the goal for 2023, which would be the end of his third term in office if he is re-elected in the fall. He’s making it as part of what he calls an “aggressive” push to define himself as a “pro-education governor,” hoping to blunt a central argument of Democrats looking to oust him who argue his policies have worsened public education in the state.
…Viewed another way, Wisconsin’s graduation rate increased just 1 percentage point over Walker’s first six years, begging the question of whether there’s much more room to realistically grow.
Perhaps the biggest challenge facing Wisconsin — not only in terms of its graduation rate but also its student test scores and other measures of success — is the performance gap between black and white students. Even as Wisconsin’s average graduation rate has increased in recent years, the performance gap between black and white students was the nation’s worst, at 28.5 percentage points in 2016. Wisconsin’s graduation rate for black student was the country’s third-lowest.
…Democrats see Walker’s latest pledge as a hollow campaign ploy that will be difficult, if not impossible, to meet.