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ICYMI: Scott Walker, Donald Trump’s No. 1 Fanboy

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As Scott Walker prepares to welcome Donald Trump to Wisconsin later this week, he continues to proudly champion the Administration’s agenda that hurts Wisconsin families. Walker has even refused to stand up against Trump’s cruel family separation policy—even as other Governors, including Republicans, have. As John Nichols of The Capital Times notes, Scott Walker has humiliated himself at the feet of “King Donald.”
You can read excerpts below, or the full piece HERE:
John Nichols: Scott Walker made himself Donald Trump’s No. 1 fanboy
June 26, 2018
Donald Trump will appear in Wisconsin this week with the man who is now working as ambitiously — and as embarrassingly — as anyone in the country to advance the president’s agenda: Scott Walker.
Walker is loyal to a fault, as events of recent days have confirmed. 
The madness of King Donald blew up on [Walker] last week — when an international outcry finally forced the president to issue an executive order undoing some (though, sadly, not all) of the cruelest elements of his own program of separating immigrant children from their parents. Trump backed down as governors across the country were distancing themselves from his draconian policies. 
…But this Wisconsinite [Walker]’s loyalty to Trump trumps any inclination — even in what could be a tough re-election year — to do the right thing. 
Walker, who was humiliated by Trump when both were bidding for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination…has now remade himself as the president’s most willing accomplice.
Embracing his role as Trump’s toady-in-chief, Walker has cheered on Trump’s “get-tough” immigration policies for months.
 The governor remained what he has chosen to become: a cheerleader not just for Donald Trump but for this president’s cruelest policies.
 There are many forms of loyalty, some courageous, some unthinking. But the loyalty that Walker gives Trump is the most dangerous of all. Even when the president was wrong, even when other governors were telling the president he was wrong, even when other Republicans were telling the president that he had to abandon policies that were (and are) harmful to children, Walker signaled his approval of Trump and Trumpism.
Scott Walker has made himself an enabler of Donald Trump’s worst instincts. As such, Walker makes what is wrong with a very bad president very much worse.