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ICYMI: Ron DeSantis Hypocritically Uses Federal Funds He Once Opposed to Boost Personal Political Profile

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is hypocritically trying to take personal credit for state budget items like a gas tax break and bonuses for teachers — even though he’s relying on federal money from the American Rescue Plan — which he once deemed “Washington at its worst,” Politico reported yesterday.

“The governor’s budget is packed with federal stimulus funds from the Biden administration that DeSantis wants to use for his most politically popular programs,” wrote Politico.

This isn’t the first time DeSantis has done a complete 180 to take credit for the benefits of the overwhelmingly popular economic and COVID relief package. In June, reports called out DeSantis for the same hypocrisy, with Rolling Stone, adding: “Before the federal funds were allocated, the state was facing a crisis with its education budget.”

In fact, Florida Republicans actually proposed cuts to education and health care programs before Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan to protect those essential services.

DeSantis isn’t alone among GOP governors. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine recently faced scrutiny for touting federal relief dollars he opposed, while Govs. Sununu, Hogan, and Reynolds have also been caught flip-flopping on their opposition to the American Rescue Plan due to its resounding popularity with voters.

“Ron DeSantis called the American Rescue Plan ‘Washington at its worst’ — but it’s apparently just fine when he wants to get credit for himself. He’s a shameless hypocrite who will say or do anything to forward his own political ambitions — no matter how it hurts Florida families,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton.