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ICYMI: Richard Irvin’s Campaign Continues to Be “A Well-Funded Exercise in Pure Projection”

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Richard Irvin is being called out for hypocrisy once again after his campaign sent a mailer slamming GOP opponent Jesse Sullivan as a liberal who supported “open borders” — despite Irvin’s own work as Mayor to make Aurora a sanctuary city.

“The Irvin campaign is a well-funded exercise in pure projection,” wrote Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller.

Check out this scorecard tracking Irvin’s radio silence on the same issues he’s bashing his opponents over.

The latest mailer is allegedly based on an article Sullivan wrote 15 years ago, while Irvin’s own comments in support of DACA and against ICE cooperation are far more recent.

In 2019, Irvin said he backed Gov. J.B. Pritzker in prohibiting the use of resources to aid ICE in its enforcement activities.

This isn’t the first time Irvin’s been caught misleading voters along the campaign trail. In mailers and ads, he’s tried to paint Sullivan and Darren Bailey as liberals — but Irvin himself has pulled Democratic ballots, praised Democrats on several occasions, and dodged questions about his voting history for months.

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