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ICYMI: Parson Doubles Down on Refusal to Expand Medicaid

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In case you missed it, GOP Gov. Mike Parson is doubling down on his refusal to expand Medicaid in Missouri. Instead, he argues that the state already has enough individuals covered under the program. Missouri is one of just 14 states in the country that has not expanded Medicaid and the state’s families are paying the price. 
In just the past 10 years, seven rural hospitals have closed, eliminating over 300 available hospital beds and the uninsured rate of children under six has been rising. Missouri now has the highest rate of uninsured children under the age of six in the country in a two year period. All of this could be improved upon through Medicaid expansion, experts say. But despite this, Parson still refuses to back the expansion. 
“Hospitals are closing and children are without health care because Mike Parson refuses to support Medicaid expansion,” said Christina Amestoy, DGA Deputy Communications Director. “Missourians deserve access to affordable, quality health care and it’s shameful that Mike Parson would willingly stand in the way of that right.”