ICYMI: Ohio GOP Primary Goes “Scorched Earth”

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In case you missed it, Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Thomas Suddes highlighted the growing nastiness of Ohio’s Republican gubernatorial primary. Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor went “scorched-earth” in her first attack ad against Attorney General Mike DeWine for refusing to debate her. DeWine responded with an attack ad of his own calling Tayler a “slacker.” With just over a month until the primary, expect things to get a lot worse.
Read excerpts from the article below or the entire article here:
Thomas Suddes: Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor’s intensifying jibes at Mike DeWine a tactic to get GOP gubernatorial front-runner to debate
Guard your kitchen sink: That’s one thing backers of Attorney General Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor haven’t thrown at each other – yet.
…Given the intensity of the intramural accusations, one certainty and several possibilities come to mind.
The certainty is that Taylor’s campaign is baiting DeWine to publicly debate Taylor
And one of the possibilities: A Super PAC supporting Taylor is going scorched-earth against DeWine, even though he’s believed to have a solid lead, because – hey – what’s to lose?
The DeWine camp, in turn, has accused Taylor of being a slacker. Still, DeWine’s bombardment of Taylor, in effect, publicizes Taylor, something a candidate said to be leading wouldn’t typically do. 
Now there’s a Trump angle. A PAC ballyhooing Taylor claimed in an ad that DeWine differs radically from President Donald Trump on trade, immigration and guns. If you think you heard a backfire – you did.