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ICYMI: North Carolina Voters Agree 2:1 With Gov. Roy Cooper’s Decision to Protect North Carolinians

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Last week, we said “Gov. Roy Cooper Was Right” – this week, it turns out the voters agree with us by a 2:1 margin. A new NBC News/Marist poll shows voters overwhelmingly agree with North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s decision to follow the advice of public health experts and stand strong against pressure from Republicans.

Back in June, Gov. Cooper insisted an in-person Republican National Convention would be unsafe and put North Carolinians’ lives at risk, while the RNC wanted to hold a full-scale event during the pandemic. So Trump and the Republican National Committee made the politically motivated decision to move the event to Jacksonville, Florida – a city with a Republican mayor and a Republican governor.

Only Gov. Ron DeSantis’ lack of restrictions in Florida have resulted in a catastrophic COVID-19 outbreak. Hospitals are running out of ICU beds and cases are going up by the tens of thousands every day – a very unsafe situation to hold a large rally in, as Gov. Cooper so rightly predicted in June.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe featured the results of the poll in a segment this morning. Watch the clip here.