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ICYMI: New Report Shows Walker’s Wisconsin Bested By Minnesota

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Yesterday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on a new study that compared the economies of Wisconsin and Minnesota and found, “on a multitude of key measures, Minnesota’s economic performance over the past seven years has been markedly better than that of its neighbor to the east.”
The report highlights multiple indicators by which Minnesota’s economy is outpacing that of Wisconsin including total jobs, population growth, median real hourly wages, poverty, and health care coverage.
“‘On virtually every metric, workers and families in Minnesota are better off than their counterparts in Wisconsin — and the decisions of state lawmakers have been instrumental in driving many of those differences,’ writes the report’s author, David Cooper.”
“Scott Walker’s agenda these past eight years has been driven by his national political interests, not the best interests of the people and businesses of Wisconsin,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “This new study shows how Wisconsin’s economy has paid the price for Walker’s warped priorities, quite a contrast with the economic progress made by the state next door. Wisconsin voters will have a clear choice to make this fall, and it’s clear they’re fed up with playing second fiddle to Scott Walker’s personal political ambition.”
Read the full story online HERE.