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ICYMI: New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s Action on Gun Safety Earns National Attention as Congress Refuses to Act

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“With Republicans continuing to obstruct gun safety measures at the federal level, some states are stepping up.”  – Ali Velshi, MSNBC

Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is receiving national attention for the gun safety executive action he signed into law this week. The unique action takes steps to limit New Jersey’s financial ties with gun vendors and financial institutions that do not promote responsible gun safety practices. The governor appeared on MSNBC’s All in With Chris Hayes last night and CNN’s New Day this morning to talk about his efforts to combat gun violence in his state.
As all gun safety measures currently remain blocked by Republican members of Congress at the federal level, Democratic governors are taking action at the state level. Earlier this week, twelve Democratic governors signed a letter asking President Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell to take action.
Watch the full interviews below:
CNN: New Day – September 12, 2019
MSNBC: All in with Chris Hayes – September 11, 2019