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ICYMI: Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak Slams Trump For “Dangerous” and “Misleading” Rhetoric on Pandemic

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“Enough is enough.”

Democratic Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak called out President Trump for politicizing and spreading misinformation about the pandemic, calling his rhetoric “dangerous” and “reckless.”

Gov. Sisolak’s statement was in response to a retweet from Trump falsely claiming an alternate COVID-19 care site in Nevada is “fake.” The care site, located in Reno, has treated over 200 patients since the beginning of November.

While Democratic governors have led based on facts and continue to work tirelessly to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic, Trump has undermined their response at every turn with his lies and his focus on politics rather than public health.

Gov. Sisolak said, “It is unconscionable for him to continue to spread lies and sow distrust at a time when all Americans should be united during this historic public health crisis.”

Read more about Gov. Sisolak’s statement on Trump’s dangerous rhetoric below:

KLAS: Gov. Sisolak condemns President Trump’s tweet about Reno COVID-19 alternate care site

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is calling on all leaders in Nevada to condemn President Trump’s attacks on the integrity of healthcare workers.

Sisolak said he issued the statement in response to a tweet from President Trump, where he agreed with a false claim referring to Renown Hospital’s alternate care site as a fake and scam.

The Reno hospital set up the alternate care site in a parking garage a few weeks ago to deal with the overflow of COVID-19 patients.


KTNV: Gov. Sisolak on Trump: His ‘misleading’ COVID rhetoric is ‘dangerous, reckless’

Gov. Steve Sisolak responded to a quote-tweet from President Donald Trump on Tuesday calling the election results in Nevada “fake” and claiming, without providing evidence, that a Nevada hospital’s alternate care site is also “fake.”

“His consistent misleading rhetoric on COVID-19 is dangerous and reckless,” said the governor.

In the tweet, Trump writes, “Fake election results in Nevada, also!” while retweeting Network in Vegas, which presents itself as a travel website and frequently posts anti-Sisolak content.


KOLO: Gov. Sisolak condemns Pres. Trump for retweet calling Renown alternate care site “fake”

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is calling on leaders across Nevada to join him in condemning President Donald Trump after he retweeted a photo calling Renown’s alternate care site “fake.”

The photo claimed there are no COVID patients being treated in the converted parking structure.

In a statement, Gov. Sisolak said it is “unconscionable” for the president to spread lies and called the staff at Renown heroes.


KTVN: Governor Sisolak and Officials Condemn President Trump’s Tweet Calling Renown Alternate Care Site ‘Fake’

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is condemning a tweet from President Trump calling the alternate care site inside Renown’s parking garage “fake.” Sisolak is also calling on other Nevada lawmakers to do the same. 


News 4 & Fox 11: Gov. Sisolak slams President Trump for calling Renown alternate care site ‘fake’

Governor Steve Sisolak issued a strong statement slamming President Trump for appearing to call Renown hospital’s alternate care site ‘fake’ in a retweet on Twitter Tuesday morning.

The tweet, from a Las Vegas-based account, falsely claimed the converted parking garage was a scam.


KVVU: Gov. Sisolak calls on Nevada leaders to ‘condemn’ Trump tweets calling Reno COVID-19 facility ‘fake’

Gov. Steve Sisolak issued a statement on Tuesday calling all Nevada leaders to condemn President Donald Trump’s “attacks on the integrity of our healthcare workers.” 

The president on Tuesday morning retweeted a tweet saying that a hospital emergency care site in Reno was “fake,” adding that Nevada’s election results are also “fake.” 

Sisolak said the president’s “misleading rhetoric” about the COVID-19 care site recently built at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno was “unconscionable.” After Reno hospitals had been experiencing near-capacity levels for several weeks, Renown opened an alternate care site with more than 700 beds for COVID-19 patients in the hospital’s parking garage. 


The Daily Beast: Nevada Gov. Calls Trump’s Conspiracy Theory Retweet ‘Unconscionable’

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak hit back after President Trump on Tuesday retweeted a bizarre conspiracy theory claiming a Reno hospital’s overflow COVID unit was actually a hoax. “For nearly nine months, the State of Nevada has not only had to battle this pandemic, we have had to fight the President’s nonstop attempts to politicize a virus that has led to over 260,000 American deaths,” Sisolak, a first-term Democrat, wrote. “His consistent misleading rhetoric on COVID-19 is dangerous and reckless, and today’s implication that Renown’s alternate care site is a ‘fake hospital’ is among the worst examples we’ve seen. It is unconscionable for him to continue to spread lies and sow distrust at a time when all Americans should be united during this historic public health crisis. Enough is enough.”