ICYMI: NBC: 2018 Gov Races Could ‘Fundamentally Change The Redistricting Landscape’

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In case you missed it, NBC News’ MTP First Read laid out the stakes this morning for the upcoming midterm elections. As the piece notes, gubernatorial races in 2018 will have an immense impact on the 2021 redistricting process, and will shape the political landscape for the next decade.
NBC News: All elections have consequences. 2018’s are huge.
After one of the most consequential weeks of the Trump presidency (the furor over, and then the reversal of, the administration’s family separation policy), it’s worth a reminder about just how big the stakes are for the midterm elections — and which party ultimately controls Congress after November.
…This is where the 2018 gubernatorial contests – and which party controls the governors’ mansions — come into play. Republicans holding on to their governorships, especially in the Midwest, would give them a leg up in the next round of redistricting. But Democrats picking up governorships across the country could fundamentally change the redistricting landscape.
One of the clichés in political journalism is that “elections have consequences.” But the reason it’s a cliché is because it’s true. And it’s especially true for November.