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ICYMI: Nan Whaley Says She’ll Be “Last Line of Defense” for Reproductive Rights in Ohio

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In an interview with SiriusXM yesterday, Nan Whaley reaffirmed her commitment to protecting reproductive rights and emphasized the importance of electing Democratic governors as a last line of defense as the Supreme Court threatens to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Listen to the full interview here.

Ohio Republicans are actively pushing for a trigger law banning abortion if Roe is overturned, which Gov. Mike DeWine signaled he would sign. Gov. DeWine already has an extreme record of restricting reproductive freedom in Ohio, having banned “most abortions” with no exceptions for rape or incest. He’s also refused to denounce comments from one of his allies in the Ohio GOP saying that when a woman is raped, it’s an “opportunity.”

“Mike DeWine fancies himself the most anti-choice governor in the country,” Whaley told SiriusXM. “Now that this has moved from a national issue to a state issue, it makes the governor’s race even more key for women across the state of Ohio.”

Whaley added that DeWine’s stance on completely banning abortion is not only harmful to women but also “anti-economic development and anti-growth.”

“We know that governors are going to be the last line of defense on this,” she said, “and so now the governors’ races in Ohio and across the country have become so important.”