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ICYMI – Mike DeWine Earns “Full Flop” on Medicaid Expansion

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In case you missed it, Politifact Ohio fact checked Attorney General Mike DeWine on his ever changing position on Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion. According to the fact check, DeWine has spent the last 8 years as attorney general and the last two years as a candidate crusading against Medicaid Expansion and affordable health care. His decision to now support the program earned him a “Full-Flop” rating with distinction.
This further underscores that after making a career of opposing affordable health care for Ohioans, Mike DeWine’s past actions speak louder than any new politically expedient position he may now spit out. Mike DeWIne cannot be trusted to protect Ohioans health care.
Read the entire fact check here or key excerpts below:
Politifact Ohio: Ohio Republican Mike DeWine changed position on Medicaid expansion
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, the Republican running for governor, announced July 11 that he supports keeping Medicaid expansion, leading Democrats to accuse him of flip-flopping.
…DeWine’s Democratic rival Richard Cordray pushed back on DeWine’s statement that he had been consistent on Medicaid expansion.

We found that for years DeWine has opposed the Affordable Care Act, which included Medicaid expansion.
When DeWine launched his campaign for governor in June 2017, he was asked at a forum if he would end Medicaid expansion. ‘I’m against Obamacare; this is part of Obamacare,’ he said.
For years, DeWine has opposed the Affordable Care Act, which included Medicaid expansion.
We rate this a Full Flop.