ICYMI: Maryland Senate GOP Leader Won’t Endorse Dan Cox for Governor

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In yet another blow to Dan Cox’s flailing far-right campaign for governor, Maryland’s Senate GOP leader announced yesterday that he won’t endorse Cox.

Bryan Simonaire admitted Cox is a losing candidate when he endorsed Cox’s opponent in the GOP primary, saying, “There’s only one Republican candidate who can win statewide, and that is Kelly Schulz.”

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan has also refused to endorse Cox, who he said is “not, in my opinion, mentally stable.” 

Since winning the divisive primary, Cox has doubled down on his extreme MAGA agenda. He’s pledged to weaponize the National Guard against the federal government and got a shoutout from Donald Trump as he railed against Hogan last weekend.

“And this is my fault — I’m sorry, Dan — Larry Hogan is not going to be supporting you only because I am supporting you,” Trump said.

“Dan Cox’s radical MAGA stances have lost him the support of his own party — except, of course, his idol Donald Trump,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “So when’s the Trump-Cox rally in Maryland?”

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