ICYMI: Mark Ronchetti Opposes Loan Forgiveness — Unless It’s Benefiting Him

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While Mark Ronchetti  “firmly oppos[es]” President Biden’s historic proposal to provide student loan debt relief that will benefit millions of Americans, Ronchetti “has benefited financially from a separate federal loan forgiveness program, too,” the Santa Fe New Mexican reports.

According to the report, Ronchetti’s wife received a $2,500 Paycheck Protection Program loan for her public relations firm “that was forgiven in its entirety, including interest.” Ronchetti’s wife’s firm “provided a majority of the Ronchetti family’s income in 2020, the year it obtained the PPP loan for payroll support.”

It’s not just student loan forgiveness that Ronchetti is against. He also opposes Gov. Lujan Grisham’s bold initiatives that made college tuition-free for most New Mexicans.

DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy said, “Ronchetti is against giving breathing room to middle and working-class Americans. But when it’s for his own benefit, he’s happy to take the check for himself. His blatant hypocrisy and his opposition to making higher education more affordable show how wrong he is for New Mexico.”