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ICYMI: Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Has $8.4M In Bank For Re-Election Effort

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Today, the Associated Press reported on Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards’ fundraising efforts going into the 2019 cycle. Governor Edwards has impressive grassroots support, with 87% of his 2018 fundraising from Louisiana donors, and a majority of his donors contributing less than $250.
AP: Louisiana governor has $8.4M in bank for re-election effort
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, seeking to hold onto his seat as the Deep South’s lone Democratic governor, is kicking off his re-election bid with nearly $8.4 million in the bank for the race, his campaign announced Tuesday.
The governor will report raising nearly $3.8 million over the last year when he files his campaign fundraising report with Louisiana’s ethics administration office, the Edwards campaign told The Associated Press.
Edwards’ formidable fundraising haul is expected to place him ahead of his competitors, who only launched their campaigns and started seeking donations in the final few months of the year. Rispone announced his intentions in October, while Abraham waited until last month.
Edwards’ campaign said its report, which hasn’t been filed yet, will show more than 87 percent of the money raised last year came from Louisiana donors and more than half of the people who contributed gave small-dollar donations of less than $250.