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ICYMI: Local Outlets Call Out “Five Alarm Falsehood” in New RGA-Funded Attack Ad

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In a new ad aired this week, an RGA-funded PAC made a grossly false claim that Gov. Tim Walz backed defunding Minnesota police, ignoring the governor’s long history of increasing investments in public safety.

Local news outlets quickly fact-checked the statements, rating the ad’s claims a “five-alarm falsehood.” KARE wrote that while the ad claims that Gov. Walz supported defunding local law enforcement, the governor’s record on the issue tells a different story:

“The fact is, Walz increased funding for law enforcement twice and came out against the controversial Minneapolis city ballot question defeated by voters last year. The governor lobbied for $300 million in extra police funding this year.”

In 2021, Walz opposed a proposal that would have removed the Minneapolis police department from the city charter and replaced it with a public safety agency. Despite false claims that Gov. Walz sought to defund Minnesota police departments, he has long supported and pushed for crucial investments in public safety and law enforcement.

“It’s no surprise that serial liar Scott Jensen’s backers at the RGA would make this false attack because they know their own candidate is wrong for Minnesota,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “The simple truth is that Gov. Tim Walz has always stood with law enforcement, and he has the record to prove it.”