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ICYMI: Kari Lake Hosts Majority-White “Black Voices” Event

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Yesterday, Washington Post opinion columnist Dana Milbank slammed Kari Lake for hosting a “Black Voices for Kari” event where most of the attendees were white. During the event, Lake even cited the debunked claim that “more than half the Black babies are aborted” in New York City and lauded Donald Trump as a template for gaining Black support.

“The event was more likely aimed at reassuring some moderate White voters that Lake, and the GOP generally, haven’t gone full white nationalist,” Milbank wrote. “Whatever its purpose, the majority-White ‘Black Voices’ event was a magnificent display of phoniness. At this, the former newscaster excels.”

Lake is no stranger to fabricating support from Black voters and earlier this week went as far as claiming that if civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he would be an “America-First Republican.”

King’s own daughter was quick to refute Lake’s baseless claims, reminding Lake that her father advocated for the end of voter suppression and believed in “treating all, including immigrants, with dignity,” two stances that are directly at odds with Lake’s long history of spreading lies of election fraud and referring to crises along the border as an “invasion.”